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PostPosted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:55 pm    Post subject: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Fri, Aug 22, 2008

I have finally got around to beating the game in story mode. The reason for this is I got a little bored and had other things came up. Though, I have now finished the game and finally getting around to making a review since I was kind of asked to review this game. Also I must warn the reader there will be a few spoiler in the review so be warned. I will however try to avoid as much heavy details while writing this review.

So we are playing a Metal Gear Solid game so I am sure most of you know how this goes on the type of game it is. Though if not for you new comers it is a third person shooter with a first person shooter style for aiming. The game consist of using stealth to get to his locations pin pointed on the mini map. Along with a few boss fights thrown in the mix for some fun.

These are one of the top things done on this game. The cut scenes are top notch and the gameply graphics are pretty top notch for a third person shooter. Pretty much this being a big hit of a game you couldn't expect it not to have a 1080p support.

------Story Mode------
I for one liked the gamestyle in this game a bit better than other Metal Gear Solid games. That being said I must say I only played up to Metal Gear Solid 2 and never played the third. Now from playing the old games you always had to find your ammo and try to keep really stealth or it was trouble for you. In this time around there is a gun smuggler or Drebin as they call themselves, anyways he becomes a good friend to sell you weapons and ammo any time you need it. That is as long as you have the points to buy the items you are looking to get. Since I also was talking about the gamestyle well you don't have to care as much to be so stealth like in this game due to ammo and everything. You can almost just run and gun some of the time, but you have to be more careful on higher a difficulty.

So I am sure you are saying,"What has Snake got himself into this time around". This would be a good question right well turns out Snake got infected and his body has rapidly aged but is still needed for a fight. It seems there is a war fighting proxies going on and Liquid of course shows up to make a little trouble. All the soldiers are equiped with nanomachines in there body which allow them to suppress feelings of pain, work better as a squad. It also allows monitoring of there locations, heatlh conditions, and lock guns to there ID. Then from these nanomachines and everything else link up to this computer called the GW. Liquid of course trys to take control of this to get his freedom and all the other lovely stuff in his plans he calls Guns of the Patriots. So Snake is out to stop Liquid and shut down the computers systems.

*Cut Scenes*
These are one of the biggest parts of the game considering most of the game this is all you will be doing. All you do half the time is watch long cut scene this is one reason it took me a while to beat. This doesn't make the game a horrible game it is just about eight percent of the game is watching a movie per say. Some of the cut scenes let you press X to see flash backs or L1 to get a view through Snakes eyes so you don't always fall asleep, laugh. Then there are the Mission Briefings, these are cut scenes with the ability to switch the cut scene to full screen, look at the security camera feedback, and move around the Mark 2/3 to collect items for the game.

I am sure you're saying,"How can a stealth game truely be a good online game." well it isn't to bad. The online plays a little like Gears Of War, but with a the preselected equipment and a level system.

Start up MGO and you have to create a character and you get a selection of stuff for setting up the looks. You get to create one free and the other characters will cost you. This doesn't really matter since you can change up your perk deals anytime you choose.

*Leveling System*
The perk like system is interesting and can make the game fun or a bit of a pain. You get to select four different perks, each of these pertain to weapons, running, scope distance, etc.

-Death Match
-Team Death Match
-Target Capture
-Team Sneaking: Attackers get camo and defenders are trying to spot the attackers before they get the targets.
-Snake Sneaking: In this game mode there are two teams of soldiers and one player plays as Snake. Basically both teams are after Snake while fighting each other. While Snake is trying to kill everyone.

Gameplay: 6.0/10
Graphics: 8.5/10
Sound: 9.0/10
Longevity: 5.0/10
Overall: 6.0/10

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