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PostPosted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:54 pm    Post subject: PSN - Crash Commando
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Crash Commando
Dec 21, 2008

Price: $9.99, £7.99

Hello readers, this will be Cw's first game review for a PSN title. Now I know you are thinking what is so great about this PSN title they are a dime a dozen. This is where the thinking ends and the fun begins, man I am on a roll being a poet without trying. Anyway, this game is Bionic Commando view but with a lot of weapons and online play up to tweleve people. Online has four game modes but only three gametypes, how is that possible you are asking I am sure. The thing is about this game is that Team Objective has two game modes rolled into one gametype, meaning you can be playing Assualt for two rounds then it changes to what I will called Hack for I have no clue what it is really called.

L1 - Jump or jet
L2 - Voice chat
R1 - Fire weapon
R2 - Explosives or quick vehciles turn
D-Up - Super Speed Survival Bonus
D-Left - Health Regeneration Survival Bonus
D-Right - Death Spin Survival Bonus
D-Down - Scoreboard
Select - Suicide
Start - Start Menu
Triangle - Taunt
Square - Toggle side arm
Circle - Reload
X - Action button
L-Joystick - Move or steer RC Rocket
R-Joystick - Aim

The music is okay to an extent but it is always pretty much the same old same old. At lest you really do not notice it when playing or it might would come repetative. Now the gun shots, vehicles, etc sounds are nice no complaints out of me on that department.

Maximum Resolution: 720p

If you are looking for crazy high quality graphics this game is not going to give you anything in that field. This game is a side scroller, third person style shooter so the graphics are very smooth for what the game really is so be happy.

1 Player - Sadly this game can only support one player so no guests playing this game with you. Though you can enjoy a few goes with them online if they have a PlayStation.
2 - 12 Players in a game playing at once.

If you like a good side scroller style shooter with lots of action this is the game for you. I have got a few good hours of play out of this game. The bots at pretty well done it is almost like the designers mapped the bots from real live players so even playing offline can be enjoyable. If you want the real action, that goes down online with a good team of people talking to each other using mics.

Team Deathmatch
Team Objective

Team Objective Game Modes
Assualt - In this game variant you attack & defend three control panels in three to four areas of the map. If the Attackers blow up section A's three control panels they move on to section B and so on up to D. If a Defender well this should be very clear keep all your control panels.

Hack - This mode is interesting if you have a good team. You defend and attack the computer in an area. Attackers rush out to computer A and have to hack, download two files, and take the two files back to there base to upload. Defenders do just that and stop the attacker with the fails from reaching there base.

Single Player
Boot Camp - This gets you ready for online play.
Custom Game - Just a good place to warm up or if you feel like playing with bots.

You just play one of the three gametypes. Either find a game or create one. Creating a game you have all the normal options like, time limit, maximum players, public or private, bots on or off, etc.

Rank System
The rank system in this game works like a lot of the big name games today. It goes off your kills, deaths, Kill/Death Ratio, Total Score, Total Suicides, Shots Fired, Shots Hit, & Accuracty. All of these add into your experience points for your next level.

Duty Records
This is a little extra add to the game. All this really does is set goals for you to do, meaning if you are very good with that machine gun you can complete a goal for it.

The Way of The Commando - Just get survival bonus, keep killing, and win some games to get this sucker.
Killer - Get a total of two-hundred kills.
Crash Killer - Use the Buggy to run over a total of one-thousand enemies.
Sniper Psycho - Snipe fifty enemies.
Machine Gun Maniac - Shoot and kill fifty enemies.
Shotgun Stud - Shoot and kill fifty enemies.
Grenade Launcher Gangsta - Shoot a grenade and kill fifty enemies.
Rocket Launcher Rebel - Blow up fifty enemies.
Cab Driver - Burn and kill fifty enemies.

Survival Bonus
Health Regeneration - Just like the name says, after a set time you will regenerate your health.
Super Speed - This sounds like you would move super fast. Though it only adds about a five percent speed boost. This means instead of walking you run.
Death Spin - When you get this Survival Bonus every time you do the jet spin it shoots flames out to burn your enemy.

Primary Weapons
Cab - This gun sure has a weird name but it can be an alright weapon. This weapon shoots a energy beam at your enemy to constant damage them if in contact. The only main thing about this weapon is that it runs out of ammo very quick in heavy battles.

Rocket Launcher - The rockets in this thing are pretty fair play most of the time. You shoot your rockets nice and slowly with having to truely aim or not get a kill. Then you have the fact the gun can only have one rocket loaded at a time. The reload can take some time as well so be sure to get the hit in.

Grenade Launcher - This gun has to be one of the biggest newb weapons ever made. Sure you can miss with this gun but what makes it a newb weapon is that it takes the least skills. A reason for me saying this is because the grenades fired bounce off the floor, wall, etc about three times. The main way to beat this people that use nothing but this gun is use range for advantage.

Shotgun - Shell spread on this gun is not to bad. Though just be extremely careful not to get in the close range of these people.

Machine Gun - Classics, if you do not know how this gun works you might need to play your first; First Person Shooter. What makes this gun fair is the bullet angle, meaning it shoots out, goes up, and then down curves about 40 degrees.

Sniper - One of my most favorite weapons to use. Who would have guessed right, laugh. Anyway, the sniper has four bullets, reloads slow after four bullets shot, and it has a laser scope some times. Keyword is ownage for this weapon, at lest if you can use it of course.

Secondary Weapons
Pistol - You will never guess what this is will you. It turns out it is a pistol that is there for backup if you run out of ammo. Although if you are any good you will not run out of ammo in the first place. That being there are ammo packs all over the maps in set locations.

Knife - Once again you never knew it was coming. The knife can be a great close range weapon if used in the correct times so you do not get shot.

C4 - This is a pretty fair set of C4. You throw one down and the controller comes in your hand to blow it up and you can not switch back to a weapon unless you blow the C4 up. A player can hold up to four of these and yes you can stick C4 to peoples body so they are like the sticky grenade of this game.

Grenades - Frag grenades, got to have them and you got to love them. Just normal grenades that you throw, which bounce about three times before they blow up. Unless they come in contact with the enemy, if so they instant blow up.

Mines - Yes this is just what you are thinking. Place a mine and just hope someone steps on it. They can be shot or grenaded to blow them up.

Super Weapons
Mini Gun - This sucker packs a punch, but it slows down your movement like crazy. This weapon has some strong power, enough to shoot through thin walls.

Plasma Pulse - Shoots quick, does not slow movement, and no reload. It just runs out the quickest of the two in time.

Stationary Weapons
Turret Gun - Basically this is an anti air looking gun. Once you enter this weapon you go to a first person view with a reticle to aim at the enemy.

RC Rocket - This weapon is pretty cool, once you enter this you have a rocket that is controlled with the left joystick. First you aim the rocket the direction in which you are going to be shooting it. Next, control the rocket making it fly around walls until you reach your goal. There is only one rocket per round meaning who ever gets that rocket.

The pickups pretty much exlplain themselves. Though I will list what each of them look like when put on the map.

Health - Red cross
Ammo- Golden bullets
Explosive Ammo - Green grenade with a clock on it
Heavy Armor - Body armor and a helmet
Armor- Yellow body armor

Each vehicle has a jet pack so you can lift them off the ground a little to get onto a track. Though the jets on them are not as good or fast as the players of course.

Buggy - Fast vehicle that looks like a Jeep. It has a mounted machine gun.
Tank - Slow and powerful, it shoots blasts out of its cannon.

Gameplay: 9.8/10
Graphics: 9.0/10
Sound: 6.0/10
Longevity: 8.5/10
Overall: 10/10

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