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PostPosted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:53 pm    Post subject: Kameo : Elements of Power
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Kameo : Elements of Power
Sun Dec 04, 2005
First off I have to say this is a interesting game. When I first played it; it made me think of the old game Zelda: Majora's Mask. For the fact this game you collect creatures which are called Elements. Then you morph into these elements that you capture. Each creature has its own abilities. Which you combind to get along in this puzzle world.


Pummel Weed:
A plant creature which is a boxer. This elemental warrior is pretty sweet. You can pull off some major damage with this guy. Not only that this guy can burrow and do a uppercut out of the ground. He has a few upgrades you will be able to get in time. Like spikes on his leaves for spining attacks. You can also use this guys burrowing skills to get under holes under doors and such.

This creature is a stack of spiked rocks. You uses this guy for pulling rocks to make bridges and such. His attack is hurling his rocks. He has a few upgrades, like trowing his rocks in all directions. He also has a upgrade to hurl his rocks forwards really fast.

He is a pretty cool dragon. Does just what any other dragon would do. Which of corse shoots fire but he also can shoot a fireball. Which can be upgraded so he can shoot 3 fireballs at once. He has a pretty sweet upgrade called inferno. Inferno makes a ring of fire which you can hold LT+RT and turn it into a cage of fire.

Deep Blue:
This water Creature is kind of pointless in my opinion. You will only find yourself using him for the water temple. He shoots water out of his cannon like arms. They also shoot water torpedoes underwater. You can get a upgrade which he shoots oil, this is really useless and only used on dry land. There is also a upgrade to turn yourself into a whirlpool pretty usesless as well.

Major Ruin:
This turtle/anteater creature you will be using a lot. He has the ability to roll into a ball so you can jump ramps and such. He can be upgraded to have spikes on his shell. These spikes can stick in enemies, you can roll these enemies around hitting more making the stack bigger. Which will apply more damage on the spiked enemies. The great thing about this guy is if you roll and fly in mid air you can roll again in mid-air.

40 Below:
Once again another hardly used elemental warrior. This creature is a ice creature ridding on a snowball. You really only uses this guy to slide on the thin ice slides. He is good for his freezing breat though.

This creature is basically a Venus's flytrap. He is a pretty handy element for lacking good fighting skills. You will use him to bite and grab enemies. This is very handy on heavy armored orcs sence you can eat your enemies. He has the ability to root into the ground. This is very useful for throwing things (unless your just spiting them).

This ape like creature with ice spikes on his back is very useful. Not only that you will be using him alot. He can climb on iced walls with spikes he pulls out of his back. His attacks are pretty nice he will throw his enemies on his spiked back. You can use the LT+RT to use one of the enemies from your back as a club. Which you can throw spikes from your back. If you have a enemy on your back you will take the spike there own and throw them with it.

Well this water like creature which seems like a mosquitoey. He does not swim under water or anything. He just kind of glides. This guy you will uses a little bit. He can strech his arm to catch onto these creature like things tounges. He is kind of a boxer yeat not. He can hit pretty fast with his four arms. Other then this he really is only used one time. I really perfer Pummel Weed over this guy for fighting boxing style.

This termite holds a big lava mortar. You will uses this guy for his shield to ride on lava. He will also be used to blow things up with the lava mortar.

This was very sweet nice controls ect. The game its self was a bit to short. You can breeze through this game pretty fast. The bosses are pretty challanging though. Some take atlest seems like five minutes to beat. Which you can still beat this game in about a day. I would recommend checking this game out. Might only last you a day but you still will have a entertaining time with it.

Gameplay: 6.0/10
Graphics: 8.0/10
Sound: 10/10
Longevity: 4.0/10
Overall: 8.2/10

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