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About Us
Clan Warriors is a non-profit organization that's sole purpose is to create an enjoyable, safe, and welcoming community for the gaming world. Cw strives to combat the typical clan in that it accepts members of all different skill levels and backgrounds. Cw welcome all nationalities amongst our members. As long as members are willing to be respectful of the rules and to one another. Clan Warriors tries to fit all the needs of the casual or be it hardcore gamer.
Formed in 1995 by Elite Alien on StarCraft, Clan Warriors has progressed through many different online games over the years and currently have gamers for Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty World At War, Resistance 2, and many other games. Cw is always open to expanding into new games as more new and exciting games are released. Members have a lot of say in choosing games and all other aspects of Cw. If there's one thing members will tell you about Cw, it's that Cw is focused on its members and its members, in turn, are what keep Cw alive.
Clan Warriors functions on a military-based rank structure. This rank structure is to create its members an equal and democratic relationship amongst all Cw members. These can be carried out in many ways; respecting the rules, adding to the positive environment Cw works hard to maintain, or helping out the clan. Members who go the extra mile and offer their diverse and unique services to aid the clan in one or more of the many ways possible (clan artwork, recruiting new members, participating in the squads, and many more) are recognized and rewarded for their generous efforts. Cw awards its members military ribbons and medals, according to the official military requirements for each medal. Members who get promoted are those who are active and offer their services in making the clan a better place. That's what makes Cw unlike any other gaming clan you will find on the internet.
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